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The PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) has created a huge name for itself in the whole world. There are already billions of fans who are seen playing the game every corner of the earth. The fame of PUBG was so huge that it was only inevitable that we had PUBG Mobile. Now people don’t have to buy PUBG for PC as they can just download it on phone and enjoy.

So, PUBG is finally available on the small screen. It instantly became a smashing hit in the market of battle royale. It might’ve lost some ground to Epic Games’ Fortnite, but the PUBG craze is too much to dissolve this easily. The sandbox kill-fest reigns supreme on all app stores on phones with over ten million downloads over the world.

If you are a PUBG maniac then you might’ve already understood the level of competition and difficulty of the game. We all know how hard it is to get those ‘Chicken Dinners’ in the game. This here is the ultimate guide to help players to survive until the bitter end in a 100-person free-for-all battle.

You will find some essential tips, tricks and secrets to staying ahead of the pack in PUBG mobile.

The flare gun isn’t fair

The new update introduced flair gun in the game. The whole concept of flair guns is literally amazing for me. If you use a flair gun outside the white zone, you will get a drop for an armored vehicle and if you use it inside the white zone, you get a drop for weapons. But the flare gun can be seen by other players as well which makes it a little too sensitive using it.

So beware while using the flare gun because it offers the same level of danger as the unique goods.

Vehicles, to the rescue

Are you dying again and again in that final circle? You can try using a vehicle in the final circle. I have tried this trick many times and have bagged chickens. Get a UAZ (closed top if possible) and go crazy inside the circle. Most of the players might be hiding or crawling in the final circle which means you can keep roaming and ram the vehicle into them.

This trick might or might not help you all the time. So don’t be dependent on it.

Let them come for aid

Players often knock enemies and kill them without thinking much. Well, I’m not saying that it’s bad, but when you are in a team match, you should reconsider. Players can try to knock down one of the members of enemy teams and wait for his teammates to come and revive him. While the enemy is being revived, you can knock down his teammate as well.

This might help you eliminate the whole team. Less team means less competition to the last.

Use the 360° view

PUBG mobile has an ‘eye’ feature right next to the map which can come in pretty handy at times. Players can scan the area around him by using this 360° view. The best thing about this is that the players can keep moving and face towards any direction and can still see around.

Players usually use this feature to look for enemies coming or shooting from behind.

Learn to use throwables

You might be bad with smokes and frags. But the reason for that might be because you never understood them properly. Throwables can help you a lot in winning the game or saving yourself from the enemies. You can ‘cook’ your frag for a maximum of 5 seconds. But I recommend not cooking it for more than 3 seconds.

PUBG lets you choose if you want to throw it as a ‘High Toss’ or a ‘Low Toss.’ Use High Toss for enemies who are far. And Low Toss for nearby ones.

Don’t roam around to get kills

One of the most annoying thing players do in PUBG is to fight over kills. People, it does not matter how many kills you have in the match. This isn’t CS: GO. The ultimate goal is to survive until the end by any means possible. You are not getting extra reward points for more kills. You teammate can become the ‘MVP’ after the match with a single kill but reviving other teammates.

Try surviving rather than getting engaged in unnecessary battles.

These advanced tips might help you get chicken dinners in PUBG mobile. You might find some secrets yourself when you get involved in the game. I am hoping that this guide will help you bag those sweet, sweet chicken dinners in the game.So buy PUBG for cheap and enjoy your game.

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