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Could you Earn Real Money from CS GO?

CSGO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is hands down, the most popular and successful competitive game when it comes to first – person shooters for the gaming community. Owing to how popular it’s been over the past few years, many people look towards converting this passion of theirs into something a bit more profitable for themselves. They look towards CSGO as a possible way of earning some real money for themselves. Provided they have a good CSGO Rank, CSGO players can take up one of the various ways of earning some real money from CSGO. Because of how it’s an extremely popular game that’s classified as an ‘eSPORT’ by many, there are a number of ways how any player can basically go about using CSGO as means of earning cash.Add paragraph text here.

Here’s how those interested, can Basically Earn Real Money from CSGO:

Streaming on Twitch:

Twitch streamers have flooded the market, with dozens of gamers who stream on Twitch their gameplay, their ranked matches and much more. However, if a gamer has good CSGO Rankings, then more and more players would eventually start watching their stream for his or her gameplay. After this, that player would start earning money from Twitch, get revenue from their viewers, receive random donations from their viewers and more. As of today, there are many professional streamers who stream their CSGO gameplay and earn enough to sustain themselves doing so.Add paragraph text here.

Account Trading:

Many CSGO players these days are concerned about their CSGO ranks, going to extents in order to maintain their rank at an optimal place on the rank ladder. As such, they can even buy ranked CSGO accounts or have their own account boosted by professional smurfs of higher ranks, in order to get their account ranked higher. Players who want to thus earn money from CSGO, can become account traders or boosters. They can rank an account in the game, and then sell it to other players who want to be of that rank, but can’t due to various reasons.

Account Boosting:

Since CSGO players are quite concerned about their CSGO rankings, there are a bunch of players who are prepared to pay for getting better ranks for their account in the game. This opens up a new avenue for CSGO players to exploit and earn money from. Players can basically start boosting accounts, that is, playing ranked matches with some other, lower – ranked player’s account and boost them to a higher rank. Depending on their initial rank and target rank, they can easily earn some real money just by account boosting.


Gambling is never a reliable way of earning money, since it involves a sense of risk and chance. However, there are many players who do turn a neat profit on gambling in CSGO. Given how well they know the game, the various professional teams playing the game, and how large or small they are betting, players can gamble and earn money from CSGO quite effectively. Depending on the site they choose, they can cash – out in actual cash from gambling sites to their PayPal account or sell the items they won for real cash, outside.

Therefore, these are some ways, those interested, can effectively earn real money from CSGO. It is indeed a plausible idea, and requires quite a bit of understanding and how the CSGO community functions, whichever step one chooses or opts for.Add paragraph text here.

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